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A fresh take on financial services ecosystem.

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Financial institutions and Fintech startups.

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Capital, Infrastructure, Connections and Talent.

Driving innovation in financial services

An hybrid SEZ model goes beyond infrastructure.

To drive innovation in financial services we go beyond simply launching a “finance hub” or investing in established startups.

Our Services
A Game Changer

FinCity will act as a catalyst for clients to develop tools, platforms & business models to disrupt the existing financial order.

Ecosystem to power growth

FinCity ecosystem consists of capital, connections, incubation, market research, talent, operational support & the center for delivery excellence.


Innovation in Financial Services.

Financial Services industry is going through a wave of innovation. The change is fast and furious.

Emerging business models that include: digital payments, automated savings, social money sharing, crowd funding, app-based investing, robo-advisory are challenging legacy firms. Innovation in financial services will happen in part through the diffusion of new revenue models and technologies, combining entrepreneurial ideas with institutional and operational expertise.

FinCity can be the outpost to develop solutions for new business models. FinCity offers incubation, research and operational support to tap into emerging opportunities.

Our Delivery Excellence
Portfolio of Services

Our growth services include: new market entry, market research, fund-raising & more...

We make strategic investments in emerging FinTech startups to scale their operations.

Through FinCODE (Center for Operational Delivery Excellence) we host backend operations.

Through Fi-NEST we lease office space for Financial Services firms, NBFCs & Fintech Startups.


Accelerate your growth @FinCity.

FinCity is an ideal hub to access South India’s rapidly growing demand for financial services.

It’s a great time to be an early stage FinTech startup. FinCity can assist Fintech startups to fast-track their concept and convert it into a strong, commercially viable proposition. FinCity makes strategic investments in not-so-young Fintech startups with innovative business models. FinCity also guides you through capital raising and global connections.

Take a series of bold steps to fast-track your growth while raising your firms profile among partners and investors.

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Center for Delivery Excellence.

Develop digital capabilities to shake up the status quo in an optimal environment for financial services firms.

Through FinCODE (Finance center for operational delivery excellence), we host backend operations of Banks, NBFCs, Insurance, payment gateways, credit-card processing firms and other financial institutions. ‘FinCODE’ offerings include: platform support, transaction support, data services at a cost savings of 30-40%.

FinCity can also assist to have the right people in the right roles and locations to power your frims growth.

Accelerate your growth


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Firms are guided by a dedicated relationship manager to assist with application, leasing, and employee recruiting processes.


Evaluate FinCity

Our client relationship team co-ordinates with your team to showcase advantages of doing business @ FinCity.



FinCity’s streamlined process makes setting up both clear and efficient. Our team will develop strategies to recruit local talent.


Scale your business

Our world-class investor team can guide your firm to your business goals taking advantage of our ecosystem.

Several advantages that impact your bottomline
  • Readily available talent pool with 100 Engineer and 50 MBA colleges
  • High employee retention as one of a kind financial hub
  • Low operational costs, cheaper by 30-40% compared to major metros
  • Operational center 70 miles from Hyderabad
  • Grow your business by tapping into growth in Telangana
  • We are backed by a US based private equity group

Drive innovations in financial services

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We are creating an ecosystem that supports our clients to their growth plans. Our suite of services offers new capabilities, efficiencies and cost savings that can help bottom lines of financial services firms and fintech startups.


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